Lawn bowling Cairns
What happens on the bowling green stays on the bowling green
Social Club Bowls Membership

Bowls is inexpensive, fun for people of all ages, and only takes 15 minutes to learn the basics. The Club provides all the equipment you need, bowls, scoreboards, foot mats and the jack. Club coaches can even provide lessons – building up your skills from the basics, to learning about strategy, etiquette, and team games.

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Barefoot Bowls

So, how does barefoot bowls differ from normal bowling? Well for a start, obviously it's in the name – no shoes! Flat soled shoes with no tread or heels, such as thongs are acceptable. Secondly, the rules are a lot simpler than regular or competition lawn bowls. Casual clothes and a casual attitude.

Full Club Bowls Membership

Looking for your new favourite sport? Or maybe you’ve tried bowls barefoot and you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge.

When you become an Full Club Bowls Member you’ll start competing in annual competitions.

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Expert Coaching

Our club coach is available to provide expert guidance to beginners and seasoned bowlers and is capably supported by the whole team who are keen to assist all new and even the experienced bowlers to be their best.

Starting Out

A great way to start out at the Edge Hill Bowls Club is to join as a Social Member where you will have full access to the greens and coaching staff to get you off on the right track.

When you’re ready, we’d love to see you progress to competitive status and full membership.

Bowling Green

Barefoot bowlers are most welcome! We will supply all essential equipment. We can even have a couple of experienced members on hand to get you started.

To protect the greens, only flat soled shoes (no heels or treads) can be worn, otherwise enjoy the freedom of going barefoot!

Our state-of-the-art greens have lights allowing bowls to continue well into the evening. Our veranda overlooks the green from the bar and offers a great vantage point to watch games.

Enjoy a casual game of bowls or become a club member – Everyone is welcome!

Check out our regular activity schedule at Edge Hill Bowls Club
We encourage social bowls, barefoot bowls and you can become a member enjoying the great camaraderie found amongst great mates
Our air-conditioned club house offers great views over the green with great food, great drink selections and some great fun with all your old and new friends
Will be fun and memorable whether for birthdays, engagements, weddings, corporate functions and xmas parties - just some of the popular events held at the club
Contact the Edge Hill Bowls Club
For all bookings and membership enquiries

Phone: 07 4053 1036
Address: 181 Woodward Street, Edge Hill, Cairns

Trading hours
Tuesday to Sunday - 12noon to 10pm
Restaurant Hours
Tuesday to Sunday – 12noon to 8:30pm

Our venue welcomes all families. We ask that all children are always supervised and are not permitted to run on the bowling green unless they’re playing bowls.










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